With great power comes great responsibility: a review of the fantasy novel, "Justi the Gifted"

Justi the GiftedJusti the Gifted by R.R. Brooks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

R. R. Brooks fantasy novel, Justi the Gifted, is the story of a young man with destructive power that is called forth when injustice and violence threaten. While this power can be wielded in many circumstances, as Justi grows up he struggles to achieve some level of control over it, to reach some level of maturity in understanding the proper use of this gift. In some respects, this gift is an imperfect one - even with the best intentions on Justi's part, a certain balance is called for. Mercerio, Justi's love interest, has a gift of her own, one of mercy and peacemaking. Her gift helps to balance Justi's, and the fulfillment of good and order in their world depends on both gifts. Neither alone is sufficient. In the process of restoring their land and vanquishing its invaders, Justi and Mercerio are aided - and thwarted - by an assemblage of humans and gods, from parents and friends to seers and warriors and warlords who follow, however unwittingly, the will of their gods. The thread connecting discovery and danger moves the story along to the triumph the heroes seek ... but the consequences of an indiscretion on Justi's part leave room for a possible sequel to Justi the Gifted, making us wonder how a more mature Justi and Mercerio can apply their gifts in meeting a new threat.

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