Tipperary and "The Ban of Irsisri"

If 'Tipperary and "The Ban of Irsisri"' were a "Jeopardy!" game-show answer, the correct question would be, "What is a long, long way?"

I'm excited to announce that The Ban of Irsisri is officially available on Amazon in both Kindle and print editions, as of today (July 17, 2018). It has truly been a long, long road to arrive at this point. Along the way: revision, revision, revision. Backtracking. Changing direction. Times that life demanded I step off the road for a little while, and times I just needed a rest. Times when I thought the novel was complete, and times when I thought it would never be finished.

Thankfully, the journey was less burdensome because of friends and family who shared the road with me, encouraged me as I plodded along. I'm also grateful for a publisher who saw the novel's potential, joined me on the road, and shared a map with me that showed how we could get to where we are today: publication!

All I ever really wanted was to put the story in readers' hands. I hope you will read it and enjoy it.