epic fantasy

not yet retitled
scheduled for publication by Cobble Press in July 2018

Long ago, with dusty rites and moldy tomes, the Gauntlets were fashioned for a sorcerer's hands. Lost for countless ages, the Gauntlets bestow untold power. They must be kept from sorcerers at any cost. But now the Gauntlets have been found, and the world is in danger. If the sorcerer Raethir Del takes the Gauntlets, death and destruction will follow. Three men must avert this catastrophe. Enkinor, bearer of the Gauntlets, lost to the world, imprisoned by a spell transporting him from one nightmare to the next. Visylon, warrior and Swordbearer, on whose power prophesied judgment depends. Longhorn, nomadic tribesman, charged with the impossible -- bringing these men together. One must sacrifice desire for duty. One must embrace healing over harming. And one must escape the Dreamtunnel.

This novel originally appeared, in a slightly different form,
The Dreamtunnel Sequence.

civil war

Missing in Action: 1863 (working title)
currently seeking publisher

The greatest number of American soldiers missing in action occurred during the Civil War. Among the many thousands whose fate was unknown was my great-great-grandfather, Andrew Jackson Lacy, a Confederate cavalry officer who served under General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Missing in Action: 1863 is the story of his dedicated service to the Confederacy; the chaotic circumstances under which he disappeared behind enemy lines, only twenty-five miles from home; and the efforts to learn his fate.