I was born in Cookeville, Tennessee and I've lived in eight different states across the eastern United States. I am the son of - brother of - and father of a writer, with a lifelong interest in writing as well as reading. I admit to being an unrepentant bibliovore, compulsively tracking every book I've read for over forty-five years (almost 2,700 at last count; all noted in my Goodreads database). My first science fiction story, written at age eight, is thankfully (mercifully!) not in print. I’ve published everything from short stories to personal essays, articles, reviews, and scientific papers. My first book, a fantasy novel titled The Ban of Irsisri, was published in July 2018 by Cobble Publishing. My second book, MISSING IN ACTION, 1863: Lieutenant Andrew Jackson Lacy and Tennessee’s Confederate Cavalry, concerns the disappearance of my great-great-grandfather, a Confederate cavalry officer, during the Civil War. A love of the outdoors is part of the fabric of all my writing.

I’m a member of The Authors Guild.