I was born in Cookeville, Tennessee and I've lived in eight different states across the eastern United States. I am the son of - brother of - and father of a writer, with a lifelong interest in writing as well as reading. I admit to being an unrepentant bibliovore, compulsively tracking every book I've read for over forty-five years (almost 2,700 at last count). My first science fiction story, written at age eight, is thankfully (mercifully!) not in print. I have published everything from short stories to personal essays, articles, reviews, and scientific papers. My first book, a fantasy novel titled The Ban of Irsisri, was published in July 2018 by Cobble Publishing. My latest project concerns the disappearance of my great-great-grandfather, an officer in Tennessee's Confederate cavalry, during the Civil War. A love of the outdoors is part of the fabric of all my writing.